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Image of Security prevention and break in risks for Johannesburg

This great visual image with 2012 crime statistics released by the South African Police Service helps show that whilst Johannesburg does have a higher than normal incidence of Burglary related crime the methods for prevention are very simple and a quick call to your local locksmiths is one of the best ways to get a full security survey of your premises and ensure you full peace of mind that you will have done all you can to prevent yourself adding to this ever growing list.

As you can see the average time thieves spend in a property is pretty low (8 – 12 Minutes), most are looking to get in and out with something of value as quick as possible to minimise the potential for detection. One recommendation we might give you is to leave something of smaller value not out in open view but in an obvious hiding place such as under the bed or in a sock draw, meaning that the robbers will leave sooner having secured something they can pawn or sell and will therefore probably not spend further time hunting through the property and creating more damage to look for other higher value ticket items.

Whilst it is very difficult to deter a determined and professional burglar, you will find most of the statistics above are what are called opportunist incidents where people will see an easy target and a quick way to make an illegal profit. We always advocate making yourself less of a target by practising common sense and implementing some of the following five procedures:

  1. Make sure windows and locks are modern and tamper proof (and locked when not in!).
  2. Leave a light on in the house when you go out so it appears someone is inside
  3. Install alarm systems and CCTV which make a thief think twice
  4. A dog is great deterrent and can create noise even if its normally by passed with a juicy steak (they can still make a potential intruder think twice)
  5. Finally we recommend getting a full security audit done by a professional to give you full peace of mind and an expert second opinion on your property

By Gideon Botha

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  1. Rose Simpson says:

    Who do you recommend for a security audit in the Johannesburg area?

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